Friday Night Sound Waves

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Friday, March 20 from 6:30pm - 9:30pm

“We love playing Friday Night Sound Waves because it always draws the best audiences! We consider Ft Lauderdale our home town, and the energy we get from all the great dancers just adds to our performances.”

For years now, the Spred the Dub motto and war cry has been, “Good Time Reggae.”
But what the hell does that mean?

It means that whenever this seven-piece gets together, like a rock and roll baby Jesus, a party has just been immaculately conceived. It means that the word “boring” isn’t allowed entrance into their vocabulary. It means that the drunker they get, the better you dance.

Mick Swigert, more affectionately known as Mick Rude, leads this band of merrymakers on vocals and rhythm guitar. On bass and backing vocals is Kevin “K Jo” Johnson, alongside drummer Ryan Cross, forming a mighty rhythm section. Markis Hernandez on sax and Sam Szpendyk on trombone (and more backing vocals) often steal the show from their brass section. Newcomer Elijah Taj Gee is a maestro on keyboards and is quickly learning his way around the band’s empty beer bottles. And last but not least is Hunter Hutchings on lead guitar, who doesn’t say much on stage, but shreds and sure is pretty to look at.

And there’s also Rudeboy. He’s a dog; Mick’s to be exact. He doesn’t play instruments because, you know, he’s a dog.

Formed in 2007, Spred the Dub are going on ten solid years of performing all over Florida as they are easily one of the hardest working local outfits in the state (the country? The world?) For their efforts they’ve often been lauded by both fans and critics. In 2016 they were awarded “Best Reggae Band” by Broward-Palm Beach New Times and in 2017 they followed that up with a win in the “Best Band” category from Miami New Times.

They’ve opened for the likes of The Dirty Heads and NOFX. They’ve performed at benefits for both animals and humans. They survived their first international tour in the UK, wowing the Brits with their sunny sounds and drinking abilities. Hell, they’ve not only survived, but thrived in a waning South Florida music scene.

Between thousands of shows (maybe millions), covering “Wicked Games” a few hundred times, and at least a trillion bottles of Jameson, the numbers don’t lie – Spred the Dub know what it takes to have a good time.

This winter, Spred the Dub will release their long-awaited third album, a follow-up to their sophomore effort, the artistic powerhouse that was Coming Home Drunk. It will be will be another dose of warm, infectious ska-fueled shenanigans and plenty of that “Good Time Reggae” we all know and love.

Spred the Dub has been methodically paving their way in the reggae music scene, building a huge Florida fan base, and expanding it with national touring.  Come on out and experience some good time reggae on Fort Lauderdale Beach.

Meet the Band:

Mick Swigert: Vocals & Guitar
Kevin Johnson: Bass & Vocals
Sam Szpendyk: Trombone & Vocals
Ryan Cross: Drums
Hunter Hutchings: Lead Guitar