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Artists /Rafael Lopez & Ligia Evangelista

  • Latin

Rafael Lopez & Ligia Evangelista

Friday, April 24 from 6:30pm - 7:30pm

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Rafael Lopez is a brilliant and charismatic guitar player originally from Honduras who came out with a distinctive style of playing World Music with Flamenco and Latin influences. On his current show, you can see Rafael showing off all his virtuosity with the strings while maintaining his intense connection with the audience. From sophisticated sounds of the jazz, blues, and classical, to the exotic rhythms of Latin, Spanish, Arabic, Gypsy and African music; Mr. Lopez has been sprinkling culture everywhere he goes and has been touching the hearts of people all over the world.

His album South Beach has sold over 50k copies, which includes a song featured on the Oliver Stone film “Any Giving Sunday”. Rafael is a very accomplished musician whom has performed in cooperate parties, conventions, princess’ weddings, countries official’s birthday parties, charity events, theater shows, and the list goes on. His performance has been taken to places such as the United Arab Emirates, Morocco, Austria, Slovakia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Brazil, all over the USA including Hawaii, Canada, and the island of Saint Bart where he was the open act for the American pop star Beyonce Knowles in a private New Year’s Eve party.

It is hard to know if the success of Rafael Lopez comes from his heritage of talented musicians or is due to his intense training and research. Either way, if you see him playing you would agree on his unique sensibility, charisma, talent, and skills to play the guitar.

At the age of 7, Rafael was already performing as a classical guitarist in schools, theaters and other events.  His outstanding aptitude captured the eyes of Camilo Corea who invited Rafael at the age of 15 to play in his band, introducing Mr. Lopez to the complicated accords of jazz. Another one of his accomplishment was playing with “Oti International Orchestra” (an orchestra formed by the selection of the best Hondurans’ musicians). Rafael left Corea’s band to direct “Banda One” where he started developing his own style with a more upbeat and entertaining arrangements.

Now as a solo artist based in Miami, Rafael Lopez, has built an electrifying and dynamic show where his commit to the moment is so intense it seems like his putting on his first and last performance every time. You might fall in love with his slow romantic melodies known or unknown to you, or you might be flamboyant with enlivening songs where he moves in a perfect harmony with his dancers.