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Friday, May 04 from 6:00pm - 9:00pm

Fort Lauderdale Air Show Kickoff Concert

TURNSTILES- The Ultimate Tribute to the Music of Billy Joel

Ever since Turnstiles performed their sold out debut show on April 9, 2011, they have performed to 10’s of thousands of enthusiastic Billy Joel fans of all ages. Their shows are selling out in record time and are being met with rave reviews.

Faithfully recreating Billy’s music with a totally live band truly sets them apart from the pack! So, if you love Billy Joel, we promise you will love Turnstiles! Turnstiles delivers a Billy Joel Concert Experience in such a faithful way that they will certainly move the casual listener as well as the hard core “Joel fan” to their feet and have them singing along with all the classics!

Don’t believe us, here’s a sampling of what the people have to say!

“We saw your show at the Hollywood Beach Theatre I and I must say that if I closed my eyes I could swear that it was Billy Joel on stage!”

“Billy Joel is Genius for sure, and anyone who can perform an entire live show of his stuff is a badass!…this band is the real deal!”

“Saw Turnstiles for the 2nd time last night. Unbelievable talent! Tony and the band transport you back to a place and time. It felt like Nassau Coliseum 1983!”

“Guys, I’ve been a Billy Joel fan for the last 30 years and you are all amazing musicians who deliver a kick-butt performance, note-for-note. Unbelievable…seriously!”

Meet The Band

Tony Monaco Piano / Lead Vocal
Dave Fullerton Guitar / Vocal
Mark Jacobs Bass / Vocal
Jody Marlow Sax / Vocal
Jeff McDonald Drums / Vocal
Greg Reitano Keyboards / Vocal