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Mike Mineo

Friday, April 14 from 6:00pm - 9:00pm

Mike Mineo is a Nashville based multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter and producer. Mike has self-released four full length albums that have songs featured on TV channels such as MTV, E! & History Channel. His live shows and independently booked national tours are what originally created his buzz. Growing up in South Florida, he became a homegrown favorite that always draws a large crowd.

In 2016 Mike relocated to Nashville to help further his music career and build his own recording studio located at his home in East Nashville. Mike’s live shows consist of a looping setup in which he builds beats on the fly while singing, chanting, and playing instruments over them, sometimes fully improvised, sometimes fan favorites, and other times brand new material. His sound and live setup gained popularity with cover versions of songs such as “This Must Be The Place” by The Talking Heads and “Call Me Al” by Paul Simon. It wasn’t until high demand from fans for recorded versions of these songs that Mike began to consider bringing his live setup into the studio.

After he recorded the two covers, Mike experimented with writing using his live setup in a studio setting and immediately wrote two singles “Pain” and “Control” which he debuted live while opening for Train at Sunfest 2016, one of South Florida’s biggest music festivals housing such acts as Alabama Shakes, Kings of Leon, and Kendrick Lamar.

Mineo’s sound is a fresh combination of laid-back-beats, spacey guitar effects, and catchy falsetto vocal hooks, providing the foundation for a lyrical content that grabs the heart and evokes emotion.

Meet the Band
Mike Mineo – Vox/Guitar
Tom Coughter – Bass
Darin Scott – Drums
Devon Heinrichs – Sax