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Funkabilly Playboys

Friday, June 02 from 6:00pm - 9:00pm

We’ve been friends longer than we’ve been a band, so playing for us is just like getting together to have a party.  We have a blast every time we play, but we REALLY love outdoor shows.  Something intangibly special about being on the street and playing for people, our families, our friends and their families.  We’ve probably done 30-40 outdoor shows over our 18 years, and we’re looking forward to a good time with the Friday Night Sound Waves crowd and crew.  We love a new adventure.  Let’s PARTY! ~ Funkabilly Playboys

The Funkabilly Playboys brand of high-energy party music is enjoyed by fans of all ages. Their musical style ranges from Rockabilly to Blues to Louisiana Swamp Funk and Classic Soul. The band’s originals blend seamlessly with their souped-up oldies and revamped classics. Each incarnation of their carefully selected covers comes with its own funky edge. This is not your average band.

The origins of The Funkabilly Playboys are shrouded in mystery. Some say that they are the last survivors of an ancient race of superhumans driven nearly to the brink of extinction by marauding sea bats. Others say that they have come to Earth to begin a new and advanced civilization from a dying planet in a distant galaxy, perhaps as far away as Eustis. We may never know…and that in itself is a comfort. Whatever the truth is, these five beings are musical gods who spew their divine gifts freely upon those fortunate enough to have working ears.

Meet the Band:
Chuck Farthing – Bass/Vocals
Mike Vullo – Guitar/Vocals
Scott Henze – Keys and Guitar/Vocals
Tim Kuchta – Drums
Michael “Bongo” Hawn – Percussion/Vocals