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Andrew Morris Band

Friday, August 11 from 6:00pm - 9:00pm

Performing since he was a child, Andrew has the heart and soul of a country music legend. With a lifelong love of country music, he really loves the traditional style of country music. At the age of 18, Andrew began performing locally as a solo artist at chamber and city events as well as a couple of coffee shops and restaurants. In 2010 he met a group of musicians and formed a band. Playing together since 2010, they have honed their style and always leave the crowds wanting more. One fan said, “I don’t like country music, but I love these guys!”

The Andrew Morris Band plays all over south Florida from Vero Beach to Miami covering the country classics to the latest hits on country radio, of course being southern boys, they have to throw in a little southern and classic rock from time to time.

The band is made up of five fantastic musicians; each brings his own uniqueness to the band. Harry Carson on lead guitar studied at the Hartford Conservatory and knows how to make that guitar sing, Ron Rummage on bass and vocals add an angelic sound, John Smotherman plays lead guitar, dobro and adds cool vocals, last but not least, Chuck Ficker keeps the beat (whether by full percussion or on his Cajon) all the while providing harmonies and harmonica.